App crash when logs are accessed

I have noticed for a while that in our project, there is a yellow icon at the top right with an exclamation mark. Today I decided to find out what that was about and sort out the issue it is showing me.

So I clicked the icon, which took me to the Project Log screen. I see 2 icons on the top record. A cloud and an other yellow exclamation mark.

I don’t really know what these mean, but assume the cloud is a syncing issue?

Anyway, when I press either one, I get this screen:

And the application hangs there. Kind of. If I push the back button (on my Android Phone) the app minimises. And then if I go to the list of programs running on my phone, is still there and I can press it and it seems to be running OK again.

So: Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7), version 4.1.13.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have had a similar issue, yellow exclamation mark displayed. On starting the app I get the message: “Some records failed to submit. Attempting to resubmit. Please review the project logs” However I haven’t noticed any missing records lately, & after checking the bulk of our traps last Friday they seem to have all updated ok on the phone & also when checking online on the PC.

Looking back at the project log on the phone for the entries with the yellow exclamation mark some come up with “Record failed {“trap_id”.“There are no entries matching “<emclass=“placeholder”>xxx()””}” & some entries come up with a similar error message to David’s one above, however the app doesn’t hang up at that point for me, the ‘continue’ button takes me back ok.

Will pressing the “Clear” & trashcan icon in the project log get rid of this error message without deleting anything important?

Android 10.


Yeah I used the trash can and it took the yellow warnings away. I have no idea if that removes records or not though?

Would be annoyed if catchers have been removed.

Hi David,

Do use the ‘Report the error’ button if you can so we can debug it.

We have a bug in 4.1.13 when new installations are made and the add record form is open while the installation syncs in the background. It makes an orphan of the first record, which is only every likely to be an ‘initial set’ record. Very edge case, but enough to throw these errors.

This is fixed in the v5 (in beta)


Hi Andy, where is that button?

Yesterday and today I get this. Completely different issue I think. I get it when changing projects. Let me know if you want me to log this as a separate fault.

Mōrena David,

We’re prepping to push v5 live which has a lot of bug fixes and many more features. It would make sense to hold fire logging bugs against v4.1.13.

If you want to test v5 please let me know. We’d appreciate the feedback.


Yeah I definitely would like to help test it. It’s so good that the app is just getting better and better. :+1:

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