App crashing, can’t use it


I’ve recently downloaded onto my iPhone. Having created a profile and project on the website I then logged in on my phone and went out to the area to start setting trap lines and documenting them in the app. When I’m at the site I have no cell reception so am offline but the GPS still locates me fine. All starts well but after about the 4th trap the app starts to freeze and crash and exits back to my phones home screen. I then launch the app again and after a while the same thing happens, becoming more and more frequent with less and less time between crashes. I enjoy the user friendly app but this is making it impossible to work with. I know it’s not my phone as I have recently downloaded it and tried it on two separate recent iPhones. Please help me out.



Hi Jack,

That’s not good.

What version of the app have you got? Menu > About > Version
And what iPhone version?


Hi Andy

I’m on IOS 13.4 and the Trap.NZ version is 3.1.3.

Do I need to to download more of an area on the map Or something before going offline perhaps?

Seems to start working again when I come home and get back on the WiFi.



Fix for this is in v3.1.10