APP - Default bait settings - save last setting for individual trap?

Currently, the bait for each trap defaults to what was entered for the previous trap on the line. I run a mixed-trap line, so I am frequently having to change the bait setting when changing between possum, DOC and Victors. Could the baits please default to what that individual trap was set with last time, rather than what the previous trap was set for this time? I’m pretty sure larger users with multiple traps all the same won’t notice if their default is what the trap was set with previously. Cheers, Tim

Trap type-based lures field autofill would be a useful feature. The “My Trap Lures” quick list was a great upgrade in terms of speed of logging trap records that streamlined the workflow significantly. A trap-based autofill would further streamline the process.

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What is that list? Where is it located?

In the app.

When you check the “re-lured” box,

A “Lures” with a cog pops up. Click that.

This opens “My Trap Lures” where you can select the lures that you have on hand for that day.
Now when click the back arrow and are taken back to the main trap data entry page, the drop-down menu of lures is only those lures that you have selected.

Pick the ones that you are going to apply for that particular trap. The “My Trap Lures” list will persist while you do the rest of your trapping. Saves a lot of scrolling and is a very nice feature.


Oh wow, awesome, thanks. Had never seen this. Will definitely use it.

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timward2014, the Walk the line functionality already has this covered. There is certainly a case for it outside of Lines (i.e. on the main map with random trap checks,) however you are walking mixed lines so it would seem to answer your needs?

Thanks for that. I’ll give it a go. Cheers!!

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@davidnblake36 you can also do this to create a shortlist of species caught. Same basic process as with the baits. It’s a good way to reduce the data entry burden while you are in the field.

Great, thanks. I guess I just always ignored those little cogs.