App Issues/bugs while in the field

I had Phone APP issues while in the field 6th/7th Aug. Logged in and active before I got to the road end to make sure all was live. Walked in and start to “walk my lines”. Later in the day, My monitor also messaged that not all My traps were showing as checked on his phone but they were showing Green Triangles on mine. Later the same day the traps on my line disappeared. Even when I still had coverage on my Galaxy phone. I had to the WWW version and add them as manual checks but they still wouldn’t show as Checked Green Triangles. Day two after recharging phone overnight, started out with all traps visible using phone APP. 20 minutes later when heading to Check the next line, the traps all disappeared again. Couldn’t get even get the WWW to open. Had to message Monitor at home to tell me what the first number was for the that line. From there I had to record the checked traps in a text which I then added manually when I got out and back home latter that night. Not ideal having these issues when Walking lines for the first time.

Kia ora @david.horman that’s frustrating for you, we’re sorry you had to go through that. There is a new release of the app, version 5.0.4 that we’re hoping has stopped that from happening. Please let us know if it is still happening after you have updated the app.

Thanks Lenore.
I had 5.0.4 loaded when checking my Trap lines. Do I need to delete the app and reinstall it from fresh?
I presently have all traps showing on my lines but I do have an error showing on the APP in Project Log. By the Trap number, some show “Record” some show “Record with a paw print” some show “Record Paw Print and a cloud with an arrow in it” and some show “Record and just a Cloud with an arrow in it”.
I’m little confused.

Advice is:

  1. Check the app logs, export them if there are any that haven’t synced
  2. Reset the app - Menu > Settings > Advanced > Reset

Notify if any more issues