App keeps crashing

Hi Guys
I have the app running on an android tablet. I seem to be having issues with the app crashing while being used and data being lost, I have just logged in to find all records from the day have been lost, we are using the app offline and connecting to the internet in the evenings. It seems all data gets lost from the time the app was last connected to the net up to the point it crashes. Generally the crash will be preceded by the map pixilating and flicking like you would expect an old tube TV set might do (I might be showing my age there).

Is this likely a software issue or a hardware issue? the problems seems to have gotten worse recently. We are running a reasonably large project (around 900 traps currently and expanding).


Kia ora Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch. That’s an unusual thing to happen. What device are you using, and what OS is it running? What version of the app do you have installed (Menu > About)? Is it just the Trap.NZ app that crashes? Do you experience any other issues with the device? If you prefer, you can email your answers to me on

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team