App logging out after every use - losing saved records

After several months of the app working seamlessly for me, just over a week ago it started to log me out every time my phone goes to sleep, or I lock the screen - Whenever I open the app it will either go straight to the log-in screen, or it will display the app for a few seconds, then redirect me to the log-in screen.

When it logs me out, any records that haven’t been synced get deleted, so when working in areas with patchy cell coverage, nothing gets saved at all, and I’m now having to write everything down and upload it to the site at the end of the day. Given that the app had previously been working really well for me, having it suddenly not logging most of my records is pretty frustrating.

I’m running version 4.1.3 of the app, and my phone says I haven’t run any updates on the app since September 30th.

Any ideas of how I can fix this?

+1 on this, it’s even worse when out of cellular coverage, it just sits there with a spinning circle

Kia ora,

We released a new version of the app at the end of last week - v4.1.5 - which fixes this issue. If your app hasn’t auto-updated, we recommend you do so manually. Sorry for the hassle, there has been widespread frustration about this issue!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

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This issue has started happening to me in the last week. The app is fully up to date. Is there any way to fix it?



Hi George,

Can you let us know the version please (Menu > About.) If you could also describe which issue you are having that would be great.

Dev team.

I am using version 4.1.13. Every time I close the app fully it logs me out then when I log in again it tells me “some records failed to submit”