App - monitoring station requiring date and time every entry

Hi there,

When entering tracking cards, the date and time is required to be selected for every single entry. Whereas, in the past, if the date and time was entered once for a line it saved this information for every monitoring station attached to that line. We went 3 months without entering data over the Christmas period 2020, so I’m not sure when this change happened, but some phones that have not been updated do not have this problem. Can this be fixed or is there a solution to revert it back to saving date and times once entered?


Kia ora Emma,

We’re not aware of any updates that would have caused this change since late last year. The date should persist between records, as it used to do for you. Is it the start date or the end date (or both) that you’re having to select each time?

Can you please let me know what versions of the app you are using, and whether there are different versions running on the devices that persist the data vs the ones that don’t? You can find this info by tapping the hamburger menu (three white lines) in the top right corner of the app when you are looking at your map. Tap “About”, then under the heading “App”, there will be a version number there.

Meanwhile, it might be helpful to know that you can bulk update your monitoring stations and assign them all with the same time period in the filter menu.

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Hi Sarah,

It’s both. The start date returns to “select date” each time. The end date returns to current date/time each time.

My app version: 3.4.13
Phone with working date/time app version: 2.10.8

Many thanks for your help, but I think I may wait until the bug is fixed as I have 6 months worth of data to do (about 600 cards a month) and the bulk upload on the website is a bit slow.