App not really working at all

Over the last couple of days, members of our project are not having any luck with the app at all.

This is on Android and iPhone, both versions 4.1.13 and 5.0.0-beta.30

We see this in 4.1.13

And this in the beta:

So, very strange.

We have tried changing the map layers, refreshing map tiles , resetting the app etc. Nothing works.

Are other groups finding this to be the case?

Working fine in Aoraki

Ok, thanks for that.

I’m on an iPhone. This is what I have done in the past when having problems though this might not work if your problem is the same for all of you in the project.
Firstly, double click the home button and swipe up on the window to close the app. Re-opening the app after this can sometimes solve issue.
Secondly delete app and reinstall. Although you get a warning saying your data may be deleted I have found that data is saved fine.

Another thought if it is area wide, is there a problem with the phone reception/mast/provider?

Thanks for the ideas.

Yeah we’ve tried restarting and resetting the app. We have 4 of us seeing this now. Using different providers. 2degrees, Vodafone…

Have you got the settings on “always” for location settings in the TrapNZ app? Can’t see the arrow icon on the top line of your screenshot but I have an iphone so maybe it’s different. That said, I had some similar issues a few days ago, but fine since.

Where is that setting in the app please? Can’t see a screen to turn that option on or off.

I have noticed though that it’s taking quite a while to acquire the location info. Get a spinning wheel down the bottom center of the screen for quite a while. Like about a minute.

Also, the app is working for other projects I’m a member of. 4 of them…

It’s just our South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network project.

I quite periodically get issues with the app, (Android). My go to strategy is to uninstall, reinstall, then login again. A pain, but works every time.

Ok guys, Andy got to the bottom of this for me.

It was my fault :frowning:

About a week ago, I decided to change the boundary of our project. So I manually edited the GPS coordinates. And I did it incorrectly so that the start and end points weren’t the same. They looked to be on the map, but they weren’t.

So this stuffed things up in terms of downloading tiles somehow, so that’s why we couldn’t see any satellite images etc.

So it wasn’t a fault, but rather, user error. :sleepy: :flushed: