App on my computer

I am planning to demonstrate the features of Trap.NZ to a group of trappers from Nga Manu Nature Reserve, Waikanae. I can easily show them the features of the web version from my computer via an overhead projector. I wondered if it possible to download the App onto my computer; I can’t find it in the App Store. I may have to use the YouTube presentations.

Can you not use screen mirroring between your phone app and the device you want to show it on? You may have to use a cable to achieve this - usb charge cable should do the trick.

Hi Warren,

Makara_Peak is correct, screen mirroring is your only option. There are plenty of apps available to assist with that:


Hi, there is a really easy to use emulator called bluestacks that runs on your computer and emulates an android tablet or phone.
I use it to play android games and to test apps out. However, once again it needs internet access.
The other method is to record using a notepad and pencil and enter the data to the website once you get back from the field.