App requires bait type to save record when no bait being added

Current Behaviour
The app requires a bait type to be configured in order to save a bait station record, even in the situation where you are only recording a removal/reduction in the amount of bait remaining.

Expected Behaviour
Bait type should only be required where bait station record is being updated to record new bait being set. Recording of “Bait Remaining” and “Bait removed” fields should not require a bait type to be set.

Steps to reproduce

  1. On the app, select a bait station with a “bait remaining” value indicating there was bait recorded at the station from last update
  2. Under the “Service” heading, press the cog icon to show the “My Baits” menu and delete all saved bait entries
  3. Press the back arrow to return to the bait station record
  4. Update the “Bait Remaining” and/or “Bait removed” fields to indicate a reduction in the remaining bait and hold down “Save”
  5. Error message “A bait type is required” is displayed

Note: No new bait is being put out, so there should be no need to have a bait type defined for this type of update

Good catch Iain.

In most use cases you need to have a ‘bait type’ configured anyway so for now the work around is to add one and leave the value at zero.