App Trap Triangle Colours

One of my team is colour blind and is unable to differentiate between the colours of the trap triangles, and the border on them, particularly green and red. Can the colour of the trap triangles be changed to something else, and the border be bolder as well please on both the trap and bait station triangles?

Well Christine I have the same problem and just use the blue ones. Easiest to see! Kind regards. Robert

Hi Robert, I’m referring to the triangles on the App indicating the traps, which I don’t think I can change, rather than track markers, if that’s what you are meaning.

Agree with @Quickenberry that the app could benefit from a colourblind setting (maybe something that could be toggled, like the “labels” setting. One option would be to have locality triangles retain the letter in the middle (“M” for monitor, “T” for trap,…). Make the triangle black and white and have the colours invert once a trap record is added. So go from black triangle, white border, white letter → white triangle, black border, black letter.