ArcGIS Online Dashboards

Hi there, I’m new to although I’ve been working with trap data for a while. I normally work with ArcGIS Online web apps and dashboards, but am new to working with APIs. Is there anyone else also using this software or who I could ask some further API questions to. I’d like to make a dashboard with a trapnz api feed from one of the projects, but can’t get it to function the way I want it to and am not sure if it is how I’ve fed in the API or if it’s not compatible with ArcGIS online.

Just to add to this - our understanding is that ArcGIS Online is somewhat limited in its integration support. It can consume OGC maps feeds but doesn’t support paging in the way that the desktop versions of Arc do. It has a feature limit of 3000 and ignores your map extents when it loading the features (i.e. if you zoom on an area it won’t necessarily display only the points in that area, it will just load the first 3k features from the whole data set).

Depends on your requirements, if something like this is good enough I can help.

I far prefer “QGIS” personally as it is on my computer and can function offline (well not the API bit but for general mapping)