Assign Members to All Traps/Bait Stations Issue


I am trying to assign members to all traps and bait stations by selecting all rows then choosing assign members. It seems to work (i.e. no error) however it misses out random traps and bait stations. I have tried this with different members and it seems to miss different traps/bait stations each time. Are you able to help with this?

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Note: The only fix I have found so far is to break it down into smaller groups of traps based on tags. This works up to 580 traps.

Kia ora @njyamamoto can you send through project details etc to the help desk please so we can review

Your answer could be helpful to other users too :grinning:. Could you share if it is not a project specific issue?

Kia ora @phillipcochrane this is something that has been handed to the developers to look at, in the mean time keeping the number you assign to less than 500 seems to help

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