Assigning new backyard trapping member to a trap


In the past when someone joined our backyard group I’ve created a new trap, and assigned their email address to the trap, which joined them up to the group and sent them out an email with a link to their trap. With the recent update, I have to send an “invite backyard trappers” invite to them, then it seems I’m having to wait until they accept this invite before I can assign them to the trap I’ve created. Is there a quicker way to do this? From the email I received on Apr 17 it sounded like I’d be able to assign the trap to their email straight away, but their email isn’t showing when the “select members to assign” option comes up. Once they are joined up, will they still receive the two emails with the link, or is their a different process? Should we still use the “invite backyard trapper” option, or is it better to use the standard “invite members” option ie. what’s the difference with these two options? Thanks in advance…


Hi. Yes, there is a change - apologies for the confusion.

The original backyard trapper assignment mechanism was very limited as you could only assign traps to a single person, and they didn’t appear in the app. We needed a way for assigning groups of traps to multiple users to manage. However, that can only be done if they are already a member of the project (which is why they need to join before you assign).

The new invite members option will actually create an account (if they don’t already have one), and join them to the project. So you can then immediately assign traps to them. It is a two-step process but it makes things a lot easier for the members and they will be sent a link to both the backyard interface and the main website - they can use whichever they prefer…

We are proposing to remove the “Invite backyard trapper” as it is now probably defunct (as well as confusing).