Assigning traps and bait stations to members

This morning I am assigning volunteers to a line of traps. I am doing this via the Manage Traps screen.

I choose the line I want. The number of traps goes over 2 pages - there’s no option to show them all on one page.

I click the check box at the top to assign what I think is all traps on that line to some new members.

But it doesn’t assign all of them, only those on the first page… I find this misleading - I would have thought that top checkbox selection would cover every page. Also, it’s more work since you have to go page by page adding users to them, meaning you have to put their email addresses in multiple times.

Then do it again for bait stations.

Is there a quicker way to assign all traps and bait stations to a list of users?

I’m sorry, but the option to assign members to an installation only allows for a page at a time. This is to ensure you have sighted the installations you are choosing to check they are the correct installations wanted. There isn’t an option to select all. But that would be a good idea to add to the feature requests tab in the forum

Also, an option to show more per page, or even all on one page would be helpful I reckon.

I hear you re feature request. I’ll think about that.