AT 220 lure pouch refill

I was wondering if anyone using the new lure pouches has developed a recommended procedure for topping up the lure pouch with fresh lure? In a hurry in the bush, the top didn’t seem to easily unscrew and I didn’t want to risk damage with no replacement handy. Thanks

Here’s an update from NZAT, which some other trappers may find useful. Cheers, Tony

Yes the top of the pouch will screw off, they have been done up tight so there is no spillage during transport but do unscrew off with enough encouragment. Not a problem if the thin white collar below the cap is left behind or stays with cap.
Add the refill into the pouch. Many people find using a “squeeze bottle” easiest and cleanest. Otherwise, you could use a funnel, but from experience this tends to be a bit messy and you don’t get as much in the pouch.
When screwing the cap back on the pouch, just make sure the black rubber grommet stays inside the cap of the pouch, this ensures there is a good seal and no spillage.

Any problems let me know

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David Crimp

NZ Autotraps Ltd

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Yep, easy. I bought a turkey baster and use that. Suck some bait up into the baster then squirt it into the bag. The top unscrews easily. We have many AT220’s to service at Whararoa Farm Reserve, so came up with this after a couple of other messier solutions.

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Using a squeezy sauce bottle is easy as. Just remove the cap and insert the spout of the bottle into the pouch and squeeze.