AT 220 multi catches

What is the best way to record 2 or more pests for my AT 220. Easy if you have all the same like 4 possums. But if you have a rat and a possum? The only way I could do it was to cover it by having 2 days with the rat on one day and the possum on the second day.

You can just make two entries for the same trap, one after the other.
The app will query you if you really want to make a second entry. It’s okay - the second one doesn’t overwrite the first one. It just creates two separate records (one for rats, one for possums) on the same day.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I tried that just now, but you must need to do it the same day(?) as the program just wanted to overwrite the record from yesterday. I will try again the next time I have 2 different pests!

A ‘Strikes’ input field would be handy, like on the desktop version.

The App recording and the main website recording appears to behave differently. You can add two records on the app for the same day on the day of recording but not on the website, at least that is what I have found.

Strikes shows up in the app. Haven’t checked the desktop.

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Oh, my bad then. I didn’t realise the AT220 had a different entry screen on the app. They should probably all have a Strikes option as it’s possible to catch 2 in a DOC trap for example. I was able to add multiple records for the same day for today and for dates in the past. I can’t see any limitation.

I did not use the tablet to enter the data, just the App on my phone. It worked as I could enter 1 possum, and saved it. I then added 3 rats and the App did say it was my second record of the day but saved it. Just checked in the reports on the tablet and I have 2 entries for the same day. Thanks for the suggestions!