AT220 app assistance - can I rename the trap direct wifi?

We have just started installing and using more AT220s, and the app from NZ Autotraps - There is the space to rename the trap which I have been doing as I go along, however the name that shows in the ‘inventory’ tab is the wifi name of the trap ESP-XXXX or something to that effect. Is there any way to rename these or add to the name so we have our trap code visible as well? Our trap codes tell us what area they are and are the same as what we use on TrapNZ so it just makes it easier to look at what has been added to the app at a glance.

Also any other AT220 trap or app advice greatfully recieved, we are pretty new to these traps!

Until the trap has been given a name, the wifi code (ESP_xxxxxx) is used as the identifier in the Inventory list. Once the trap has been given a name, that will be used as the identifier in the list instead.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to combine or to rename things in the Inventory.

One approach would be to connect to the trap for the very first time, rename the trap, and disconnect. That way the only thing logged under the ESP_xxx name would be that very brief connection. All future connections would be done using the name.

Hope this is helpful. Ngā mihi.


Super helpful, thank you! I had an alert while out in the feild so was able to give it a go, all worked as expected. We’ll be able to check the names when we go around the other traps for their initial checks in the next few weeks