AT220 Kill bar jam

We have an AT220 with a red light blinking 3 times followed by a short break which I understand is a bar jam issue. The bar is in the set position. How do you fix this?

I have older traps. Their original booklet said that for an LED blinking red “there is an eye fault” “Clear the eye. The LED colour should change. No change? Replace the battery”. I would suggest you (carefully) attempt to clean the eyes with a toothbrush without exposing your hand to any risk should the trap trigger. If nothing improves, contact NZ Autotraps sooner than later. cheers, Tony

I always fire the trap before cleaning the eye. And I find the optics get dirty quite often especially when rats get retained.

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I don’t think the eye is the problem. It is jammed open and pushing the button twice does not fire the trap

Sounds like you need to contact NZ Autotraps for sure

I had exactly the same issue. Same 3 red flashes on a 2 year old trap. Trap was set and I couldnt get it to fire. Cleaned eyes with toothbrush very carefully with trap set and battery disconnected. But it turned out that charging the battery did the trick.