AT220 not showing #strikes field on App

The AT220 trap record does not have the ability to record the # strikes (i.e. how big the possum pile has grown) like the Good Nature A24 record does. We used to do a double entry on the app but this seems to be being filtered out now. Can update it on the website so we have a work around.

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Hi ghaven. How many of them do you have and how effective have the AT220s been for you? What were you using before? Cheers P

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Hi Paul

We have only just started going after possums and have deployed Trapinators, TIMS and 3 x AT220. The AT220’s are the only catches so far and I suspect they are very good at attracting due to the copious trail of goo they leave. We have had rats get entangled and require physical removal so they are not 100% set and forget. Nice to see the possum pile forming under them though.

Hi Gary (@gheaven), just a heads up that v4.1.2 is in open beta and has your AT220s covered:

  • Strikes field for all multi-kill traps
  • New short list option for ‘species caught’ on trap form
  • Fix for persisted Sensor provider details on new trap form