Bait disappear , anyone knows what's happening?

Happy new year everyone! By the way I put bait almost every day and gone every time I check the trap. Only 1 catch the 2nd week I guess since I put the trap. I wonder whose eating the bait?

Hi, Carol_Sarah, what pest are you trying to catch and what types of traps and baits are you using?
If rats, then they are pretty clever. Some types of trap are more sensitive than others. Are you using a tunnel box? If so you could try putting a mouse trap also in the same box behind the rat trap. You could also use indicator cards or ink cards to show what kind of vermin you are dealing with.

Hello! I’m using different kinds of baits,banana, cheese, butter etc. Trying to catch rats and I’m using tunnel box, Thank you Matt, Happy new year :blush::clinking_glasses::champagne:

What type of trap are you using? It seems that whatever is taking your baits is not heavy enough to spring the trap.

You will find insects, slugs, snails, ants, earwicks all very partial to bait. Sometimes moving your trap to a slightly different spot helps

I’m using tunnel trap,I think some insects eating the bait​:sweat_smile:Thank you, Happy new year :clinking_glasses::champagne:

Hi! You’re probably correct!I check this morning their was ants inside the trap and the bait gone usuall.Thanks :blush:Happy new year :clinking_glasses::champagne:

Yes I understand you’re using a tunnel, but what type of trap do you have in it, eg Victor, T Rex, DOC 200, etc? Try some crunchy peanut butter and see if it lasts better.

Hello! I’m using T-REX trap . Ok I will try to put peanut butter, Thank you😊