Bait Station Bait Taken Calculation

Hello, I have entered csv files for our first baiting (0.224g added to each station except a few missed) and first rebaiting for our Muddy BS Grid in the Makarora Forest and Bird Project. I calculated bait remaining based on the bait added back in so filled in the bait remaining column also. However the “bait taken” is not being calculated accurately so the heat map function is inaccurate. Can you please tell me what I am doing incorrectly?

Kia ora, I’ve had a look at some of your calculations and they seem ok, can you point me to ones that aren’t showing correctly. I have also pasted below the help doc in understanding the bait station calculations Understanding the bait... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides

Thanks! Yes the ones that are “S” instead of “N” are our South Grid ones, they all just say 0.224 on the bait taken map except for one at the top and 3 on lines 13/14. All these aren’s showing accuratey it seems so the heat map shows a c=vastly different uptake for the North Grid than the South Grid. Thanks so much for your help

Hello, did you see my recent post? We still can’t work out what is happening with the calculations in the South Grid. Thanks

@sforder I’m going to send you an email via the help desk so I can ask more details

Here is a snapshot of one of the stations where it was refilled but bait taken is reading zero

Actually no, this one is right sorry! I will try and find ones that were filled …