Bait Station Issue

I have been using the app to record data, using Walk Line where I can and Manual Complete where the traps are in forest conditions and the GPS phone sensors are obscured. Manual complete has different settings for Bait Stations than Walk Line, I use Hockey stick bait stations. I can only set defaults in both Walk Line and Manual Complete for Bait added ( it would be nice if I could also set default for bait remaining as well). When using Manual Complete and I edit a bait station (to change defaults) again I can only update Bait added. However if using Walk Line when editing a bait station, the options I can change are Bait remaining, Bait removed and Bait added. As it stands I cannot use the app for bait stations when using Manual update. I have to edit the Bait stations using the Web when I get home after checking my trap lines. Manual complete should have the same options to change Bait stations that Walk Line does.

Kia ora,

Thanks for highlighting this. This should be available in the Manual Complete as well so we will make that change for the next release.

With regard to the GPS accuracy. I’m sure you have this covered but worth mentioning for anyone reading this. Modern phones are reasonably accurate, but unlike dedicated GPS devices, their accuracy falls over if the antenna is obscured (i.e. use a backpack phone holder, rather than having the phone upside down in the back pocket.)

Here are a few tips for improving mobile phone GPS accuracy.