Bait station record totals report

can the date format in reports be set so that single digits are zero-padded, ie 08 Nov, rather than 8 Nov. This will allow records to be sorted chronologically.

Hi @GabbyD

You should be able to click on the column header to sort by date. Which report are you interested in?

For the csv/xls exports it may be worth us changing the date format to yyyy-mm-dd so that the can be sorted in chronological order without needing to convert to a spreadsheet date format first.

Hi, I’m using the bait station totals report and wanting to observe bait take over time by bait station. The column sorting works off the date number, rather than factoring in months, so it doesn’t sort chronologically, and then also mixes up the bait stations. When exported to excel its hard to use the date column by changing format as time is included in the same field. Would love the date format to be amended, and a heat map of this info as for trap catches would be awesome. Cheers.