Bait station records not calculating the bait taken

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We are wanting to use trap NZ for recording the toxin we are using for rodent cafes, under the bait station reporting tool. We are finding that it s not calculating the amount of bait taken in this field, with each new record entry. Sometimes we see it in the bait station records but other times not. Sometimes we see the bait station record info forcing it to calculate and other times not. Has other people had this problem?
Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group

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Hi Paula
Your questions seem not to have been answered, and it is only now I have seen your posting, sorry. Perhaps you have already sorted things out.

If not, for our group, the calculation is done routinely whenever a new record is entered for a station or an old one amended, and the calculation is correct given the data it has. Mostly errors are because of the units of measurement and that there are currently no range or logic checks in the website version. So, an entry of eg “8”, meaning 8 baits added just doesn’t work as the system expects kg (on the website version) or gm (on the mobile app).

It took some time for us all to get our heads around the fact that we need to record eg 0.224 kg instead of 8 baits, or 0.56 kg for 2 baits - often, decimal places would be omitted or misplaced or rounded. Now that more of us are using the mobile app it is working better and the numbers are making more sense. But still, each pulse, quite a few hours are needed to edit and clean the data entered. But the only point in recording data is that they will be made into information, and used - it is getting better.

If units are not the issue & you still have concerns, I suggest you write to

Best of luck,