Bait Station Reporting

Hi there,
A few things I would find useful for bait station reporting.

  1. Not all data is available on all kinds of report view. I realise you have limited screen real estate but the ones that stick out to me as missing are:
    “recorded by” is not available on the bait station records report (and the subsequent csv download)
    “active ingredient” is not available when you view a single bait station
    "active ingredient’ is not available as a filter under the ‘manage bait station data’ tab
  2. No ability to change the “recorded by” field for uploads on the ‘add bait station data’ tab. Currently you need to change this after if you are inputting someone else’s records.
  3. Two records are required to be created when switching out bait type. One for removal, and one for addition of the new type. While not an issue in itself, these purposeful records reduce the usefulness of the “same date bait station records” report. Potential workaround could be to record “bait type out/bait type in”, where if you were not changing bait type the value would remain the same.
  4. Add “time” to the bait station import template. Following on from 3 if importing bait station records and they are from the same day due to a bait type switch both records will be timestamped the same (0000). This seems to have worked out fine due to the order of data in my upload sheet. But it would be logical to be able to timestamp any entries give the value exists. Also the proposed fix in point 3 would render this point moot.

This web service is a great tool, and I realise I’m using it rather intensely, which is why I’m finding these things. Thanks for all your hard work so far! Amy

Hi Amy, thanks for your suggestions, here’s what’s been updated so far:

  • Added Recorded By to CSV and XLS download.
  • Added Active Ingredient to Bait Station view.
  • Added Active Ingredient filter to Manage Records

The other bits I’ve added as feature requests to look at in the near future.

Awesome. Thanks for that.