Bait Station Reports

Can we have a report that shows bait taken that is zero or less than a desired quantity please? So we can see which bait stations where there’s little or no activity. It would then be easy to find bait stations that could then be retired.

I think what you are after is the Reverse Bait Taken report:

Adding a feature to all/most reports is to sort by one column, eg bait take, or bait remaining or station ID. We’d then be able to choose eg. top 12 bait stations, all with no take, or all those starting with a “P”.

I’d really like to see additional fields included to the bait totals over a period report - number of visits/observations/records over the period, & number of times all baits was cleared out.

Including column totals in most reports would be helpful too - so we can get the total take for each station in a line and also line total, or each line in a project and also project total.

And, be able to select by a character in station ID, so all those stations starting with a “P”, and their totals.