Bait station type

The report
Bait station type | Trap.NZ
shows traps, not bait stations, for me.
I was hoping to see which bait lines were Protecta Everedge and which Protecta Sidekick.


I can only see the protecta sidekick in there and no other options and protecta sidekick is a bait station So I’m a little confused by what you’re seeing

Hi Lenore

We did originally have only Protects Sidekicks, until they went off the market. So now we also have Protecta Everedge. I’ve written before asking for them to be included in the list of possible bait stations.

But in the meantime it seemed sensible to put “Protecta” as the Type, and Sidekick or Everedge as the subtype, so I’ve started doing that.

Occasionally i need to find out which type are where, and therefore which type of key a temporary covering baiter needs. Or to reassure the funders of the devices that they are being used in the stations intended. Examples are eg H06 stations are shown as “Everedge” (even though Type says Protect Sidelick) because that’s the only option pending revision of system. And I also want to be able to make a standard summary of all our devices and equipment - tunnels, traps (various sorts), bait stations & keys, cameras and other gear such as hi-vis jackets, bait buckets, etc.

Hence the request for a minor addition to the report. Does that make sense?

@jo_b the developers have now added the Protecta Everedge into your options for the bait stations. Hopefully that helps moving forward.

thanks Lenore, that’s great. we can record them properly now.

I like the new map in the app (though would be good if we could correct some of the features and paths).
cheers, j

Thanks for your feedback I will be sure to pass it on

@lenore-admin So I’m now trying to select those that I gave “Everedge” as the subtype, so I can change those ones.
But I cannot select “subtype” on the data management screen, nor even produce a list that shows subtype. Silly me, it was such a good temporary solution. And ideas please?

@lenore-admin I’ve found I can use the Edit Bait station screen, so have changed them to Protect Everedge.
But how do I remoe the “Everedge” subtype? No urgency…

kia ora @jo_b If you access the “manage bait stations” tab, select all the stations you are wanting to remove the subtype from, choose an operation - change bait station details- check the subtype box and ensure you click and empty space in the drop down box, Next then confirm this should remove them from the stations.

Thanks @lenore-admin

I was hoping that on the “Manage bait stations” page would allow selection by Subtype, but no.

I did edit using a variety of other means as you suggested, so have now corrected Type in the records. It would have been helpful to select them simply by a Subtype field, and edit them, but the data seem ok now.