Bait-stations not associating with a line

Looking for some help to solve an ongoing issue. I have been physically re-routing some of our bait-station lines (moving some existing stations around) so I deleted the original ‘bait-station line’ and drew a new line, linking the stations together. However, in doing so the bait-stations have all disassociated with the new line, i.e. if you click the line no bait-stations pop up. This has been quite a frustrating issue for volunteers doing data input. Note I have been very careful to make sure I am working under the ‘bait-station’ project tab and not traps and I select that the line is for bait-stations each time… Any help would be much appreciated!

When you delete a line the bait stations become disassociated with the line, as you said. You will need to associate the bait stations with the new line. You can use the manage bait stations page to do this in bulk. Select the stations, choose change bait station details, click the line check box. I hope this helps