Bait Taken Report CSV Export Error?

Hi, this may be an error, I perhaps I’m just missing something.

I was wanting to calculate the amount of bait being used on a particular line. So I went into the Bait Taken report and chose the line I’m interested in.

It came up with the stations and the amount of bait taken from each station. Great. I needed to add it up, so being lazy, I decided t export to CSV, open with Excel and hit the auto sum button.

But I noticed on the export that some of the numbers (in this case, the top 2) for bait taken are different in the CSV than in They are half what is shown in

Why is this please?

Numbers being double counted somehow is definitely concerning! I’ll dig into this and see what I can find.

To help me reproduce this would you be able to attach a second screenshot of the filters you used on this report?

Yes, here you go:

Using “Bait station record totals” report, the top line of the report is an overall total. Then each visit to each station shows on a new line.
I wondered if the total line was included in the export - t would double the overall total . But when I tried exporting the report to both csv and xlsx files, both came up with the correct total, so that’s not the problem.
So, something else. Is that the same report type you were using?

This was an issue with the database query multiplying results if you filtered on multiple tags and had bait stations with two or more of those tags applied. This has now been fixed.

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Tags? I don’t think I used any tags.