Bait type not being saved

I use Contrac blocks. I enter this as my bait type and have to remember the toxin and %. Save. BUT next pulse and last time next week this bait type is not being saved so I have to re-enter all this information. Why?

Hi Richard,

This is resolved in v4 of the app which is due any day now. In the future these configurations will be stored against the project so in most use cases you’ll not ever need to enter the details.


Hi Richard

Was this resolved…? Still happening to our members using mobile phones. Bait not being saved and can’t see where there is the opportunity to save bait type globally on the web site.

Kia ora,

Unfortunately, we’ve had lots of issues come up during beta testing for v4 of the app, and that has delayed its expected release date considerably. Apologies from our team for the hassles this has caused. We’re working hard to get it ready as soon as we can!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

A member of our group is reporting that this is happening again. Only 1 person though. He got a new phone and started having trouble straight away.

Kia ora,

Is this still an issue for this member? If so, can you check that they’re using v4+ of the app on their phone? Presumably they will be if it’s a new phone, but just in case they somehow have the older version.

Feel free to email us on

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

No, this member now reports the bait types are holding.

Meant to reply with this: No, this member now reports the bait types are holding.

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