Bait type selection issue

I have just started with the App today (Wed 9 Dec). First station entry with bait type Broadifacoum/Possum was OK (done at Predator free day at Farrells with Andrew’s help :grinning:)
Back at home I added a 2nd bait station (via App) for rats and created a new bait type for this new station but the first station entry changed to the new bait type & species and doesn’t remain as Broadifacoum/Possum (this unwanted change only happens on App; the on line record appears correct)

Hi KiwiCarsons,

Andrew here :slight_smile: So am I right in thinking you are expecting the App to remember which bait type you used for that particular bait station and preload it for the next fill?

Currently the App just keeps log of the last bait type used and preloads that regardless of the bait station.


Hi Andy,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I assumed that in the App the bait type and target species would remain with the station; (as above when I changed the bait type & target species on one station it also changed on the details on the other station).
I only have 2 x bait stations in the App but plan to add more stations on the App (both for Possums and Rats).
Generally I would re-bait with the same bait type and target species for a station but I may change bait type to maintain possum interest if I think they are getting bait shy.
Not sure if this what other users would expect?

Currently I have only 2 x bait types on the list My Baits. I may add further types.
The gram figures (under ‘Results’) stays with each station record as set-up initially.

I have also noticed the same issue that “davidnblake36” has seen:
“But then a few days later, or a few weeks later, when going to enter a new bait record, suddenly there are no bait types there. Only the “Add bait” button. So the bait types have to be recreated again.”

Also I have added 2 x photos to the Trap Record via App which has rotated the image; how can I delete 1 x photo and stop the image from rotating?