Baitstation record glitch?

Can you please look at my project (Blowhard Bush)

We’re entering baitstation data slowly. to build up a record. If you look at baitstation # 3.8 you’ll see 0.08kg of bait was added on 24 May. On 20 Sept 0.00kg was remaining and 0.150kg was added. This shows the baitstation was emptied out between these two dates. I can confirm this because 3.8 is one of mine. The report though for this baitstation says 0.00kg was taken so it looks like the calculation hasn’t worked out?? It could be the way in which the data was entered I can get the bulk update file to you if you need it. Thanks for your help.


Hi Terry

Checking this out. It could well have to do with the order the records were added.

Would you mind sending through the CSV you used to That would definitely be useful.


A note in case others have the same issue:

The bait station records basically have to be loaded in date order (doesn’t matter if it is via the site, app or loaded from a file CSV). The bait taken is calculated by subtracting the bait remaining value from the amount of bait in the earlier record. If it can’t find an earlier record than it assumes it is the first record and the bait taken will be zero.

This is obviously not ideal as people want to backload records…

We are going to try and make this work a bit better by calculating the previous bait amount on the fly rather than storing it with the record.