Being able to nominate a size and create a heat map around a trap and also overall trap network for overall hectares under control

A feature such as this would be really handy, in particular to ascertain project effective area for funding applications and reports. Must be able to customize the feature so that different trap types or predators targeted can be mapped

I agree. Our non profit community group Predator Free Waitakere/Swanson covers 8134 hectares. We struggle to get large scale funding due to lack of project effectiveness data.

Yes agree, this would make my job a lot easier! We are a Jobs for Nature project and as such have to report back to DoC on total Ha trapped for possums and rodents/mustelids. At present I have to manually sort our data out into arcGIS and create buffer zones of appropriate size, over there which has been a bit time consuming and also has room for error, if this was a feature of TrapNZ it would be run off where the traps actually are which would be amazing.