Bird count reports

Hi there, I have a problem accessing any bird count reports. I have 5mbc data for several sites and have been trying to retrieve reports, the only one is the heat points on a map but with no numbers. All other bird count reports come back as no data present.
Have I not done something critical when entering the data?
Thanks, Pat

I can see some bird count records from various dates with numbers in the Maungatapu project. To access them click on Monitoring- Manage records- Manage bird count records. or alternatively you can use the heatmap but also check the box (in the tiles to the left) bird count record report, and select the filters for the birds you are wanting to view

Thanks Lenore, yes I managed to do that OK. I should have been more specific. When I look at “Date last checked” it just lists all the bird count sites as N, ie not checked, even if it was last week. I can find it out another way but why does this report not come up as it does for traps for example?
On another monitoring note, using chew cards you can often have 2 or more species chew the card but I have only been able to enter one eg possum, how do I also add rat for example. I have had to change the date range slightly to achieve this, any other ideas?
Many thanks for you help, TrapNZ Is a great resource. Cheers,