Bird Count Species Not Saved

Every time I go to enter a new bird count, I notice all the previously used Species have been wiped and I need to start again and again and again. I thought this was resolved last year, but it never works. Granted I only do this once every month or so, but not sure why the species do not retain.

Version 4.1.3 Internal Beta


Cam - to support you also with this request
I’m on Version 4.1.1 and still have this issue of bird species not saving for each count location.
Each time I arrive at a count station, I need to add the 35 local bird species, plus amend the app to cover ‘hear’ and ‘see’.
Please advise when this may be fixed to retain the selected species for all counts.

Sorry team. That is a regression. I can replicate it in 4.1.1.

I’ve also tested in the next development release and can confirm it is fixed already. We will let you know when it is in beta.


This is still a problem on 5.0.4. It’s a ‘forever bug’! The species seem to remain the day I enter them, but a week later when I do another bird count, they’ve all disappeared.

Cam, can you try resetting your app. Make sure there are no entries in the logs that haven’t synced (export the logs if there are) and then Menu > Settings > Advanced > Reset.

Let me know if they are restored after doing that. If they’re not then please add some as you normally would and keep us posted if they disappear.

Hi Andy
Actually, I didn’t even have the menu bar at the top with the project name, globe and 3 bars. I ended up going to the Apps listing in Android Settings, selecting and selecting Clear Data to start fresh.
This has restored the app interface and when I go to add a bird count I see the 2 birds I added the last time I did a count. Fingers crossed.