Bird counts - duplicate counts

Noticed the last two times I have been out taking 5 minute bird counts that bird count at some stations is duplicated;

Hi there,

That is a concern. Do you have these counts in your app logs still? If so could you please share a screen shot of that too?

Many thanks,

OK so the logfile seems fine, I am using an android and we have intermittent coverage while in our area. Wondering if it might be best to work offline completely then sync data once I am back with a good connection.

Hi Alik,

I’m looking into your issue but I can’t find any records on your project for station BM08 in April 2021. Do you have a current example I can look at that illustrates the issue? Also can you tell me how you’re getting the data in? I assume it’s with the app (as your screenshot would suggest), or the CSV importer, or manually on the website?


The team