Bulk download? Is that possible?

Is there a way to bulk download the data from all the traps?

Would like to play round with the data if I could get it in .csv or sql data base format that would be great.

You can download data for all the traps in your project by visiting the Traps page. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find links to download the trap data in CSV and KML format.

And under Reports, Trap records, you can export the record data for the traps (links at bottom of table).

I have a follow up question.
Our project contains both reserve trapping and backyard trapping data and for reasons of privacy it would be useful to have the reserve traps separated out into their own project so that we can give volunteers access to reserve trap data without having any visibility of the backyard trapping data.
As a proof of concept, I have already been able to export all the traps and data for the reserve traps out to CSV files and import it into a new project.
Are there any things I need to be careful about to preserve the integrity of the data in both projects considering that I would like to remove the data from the existing project?

Hi David

What you are doing should be fine. However, if you are an admin on two projects you can simply move a trap, or group, of traps from one project to another. This might be safer, and certainly easier.

Select the traps you want to move over in the Manage traps view, select to change the trap details, then select the new project. All the records will remain associated with the trap. If you use lines you will need to recreate them in the new project and reassign the traps to the line.

Just so you know - we are working on the ability to assign groups of traps to members and restrict access to just those traps. This isn’t a trivial development though so may be a few months away.

(for the Trap.NZ team)