Bulk editing supplementary traps already on system

Hi there,

Our trap installation data was migrated in bulk from Walk The Line. We have double set Belisle traps in chimney trap boxes. On the system it shows the second trap as a supplementary trap, however the trap type is incorrect, they’ve defaulted to A12’s rather than another Belisle.

I can manually edit each trap to correct this, however, I was hoping there was a way to amend supplementary trap type in a bulk action.

Is this possible? I’ve had a look through the support documentation and the forum here but I don’t see this question as being previously asked and answered.

Many thanks,

kia ora @kcarter thankfully there is. If you select the **manage traps ** tab, you can then apply the filter A12 as trap type, select all then change trap details as an operation select trap type and change to trap type wanted. Don’t forget to save the changes. I hope this helps