Bulk import new traps

Template for adding new traps via bulk import does not identify trap type

We’ve tried uploading the file as is (csv from a template downloaded from the updated app) and in a variety of “save as” options and none will upload. All throw the error “trap type required” - which is ironic given that the template and apparently the upload function does not allow for that field.

Hi Dawn,

I assume you are using the upload features on this page: https://trap.nz/import/import_traps

And this template:

If that is the case I suspect you’ve not set the ‘Trap type *’ in the dropdown field on webpage.

Traps need to be uploaded as seperate CSV per trap type. There is a defined list of available traps in the system and to upload successfully it must use one of those trap types. We felt it was easier and less error prone if a user uploads each trap type as a seperate CSV and selects the type from a drop down.

It’s fair to say the form doesn’t have clear instruction so will have a look at fixing that.

Please let us know if it is failing even with that field set.


I am having this & related problems.
I’d prefer nrmg able to upload an expanded csv file, with columns for who set up the bait station, date installed, Notes, Type and Line as well as Code, long & lat.
Uploading would be much faster and simpler, even if split into separate baitlines, than having to keep navigating between Bait stations, Lines, and linestrings.

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