Bulk service all line installations in one submit (with per installation record details.)

Is it possible to enter multiple bait types when adding catches on the website without having to filter by each trap type? I.e if I am entering catches for an entire line that has DOC 200’s, DOC250’s, SA and Timms traps, am I able to pre enter the bait types for each trap (like how walk the line used to work)? If not could this feature please be added?

Kia ora FBT,

On the website you need to submit each trap type to get different bait types (as you described.)

On the app however (> v5.0.0) you can preset all the trap types (and bait stations) and submit the whole lot in one go. Do this via the Manual Complete button in the line view.

I think you are requesting that the website works the same way as the app?

Hi Andy,
Yes it would be great if the website could work the same way as the app.


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@FBT, I’ve updated the title to hopefully better reflect the functionality requested. Sing out if I’ve got it wrong.

Hi Andy,
I don’t want to hijack this request but it would be good if the user could specify the date when doing a “manual complete” - both on the app and (in future) on the web. I often enter data for other users who have recorded their catches on a spreadsheet. Mostly this is done days after the line is checked so I would need a way to ensure the date is entered correctly.

Actually, I just did a :manual complete" on the Lake Ruatuna training site and the date was set to 29th April. This was on 21st May so that doesn’t seem quite right.

Kia ora Simon,

Apologies for this. It’s a known bug with v5.0.1 which is fixed in v5.0.3, which will be released this week!

Ngā mihi,

Sarah (she/her)
Trap.NZ] Support Team