Bulk Upload Feature upgrade

It would be neat if we could add Trap Type and Line to the Bulk Upload for Traps. I have 20 lines & 8 trap types in my data set - uploading these individually (150+ uploads) would be tedious but if I could do a single csv for all lines and all trap types it would be easy. Is this possible?

I fully agree. I have the same problem on 80+ lines with 1400 tools. My work around is to upload the csv file for a specific line selecting the most common trap type, then using the manage trap option I select the ones I need to change select “choose an operation” > change trap details > execute > check trap type > select a value > next. Still tedious but quicker than individual uploads.

Thanks so much for the tip Paul - that’s a great work-around. I’ll give it a try and see if it’s faster for me. I suspect for most lines it will be, but some of our lines have 5-6 different trap types, so it could end up being quicker to do it the other way.