Bulk Upload of Traps

Hi guys im wanting to bulk upload some traps onto a project. we have over 300 different units ranging from traps to bait stations to upload to a project and for the life of me i do not want to do each one individually.

all gps points are on a Garmin.

cheers in advance.

Hi RaFarNorth,

Log into your project on the website then go to this page:

  1. You’ll see on that page a link to a CSV template, download and make a copy for every trap type you have (i.e. DOC200, Victor Pro, etc.)
  2. Get your data out of the Garmin and into the spreadsheets according to trap type.
  3. Fill in the online form for each trap type and upload the corresponding spreadsheet.
  4. Repeat for each type.

It’'s the same process for bait stations, https://trap.nz/import/import_bait_stations

Hope that helps,

Just to add to what andy.saunders has said, a good program to use to get the points from your GPS to the spreadsheet is “DNR Garmin”. It is a free program available to download from Garmin.

But the CSV format does not include contact details which are a pain to add manually.