Camera Monitoring

Can you please add some data types to the ‘Camera’ monitoring records. I’d like to be able to add all the same info as a Trap - specifically: Code, Date, Line, Species Caught/Seen, Bait Type, Strikes, Notes. Also if there was a way of recording multiple species in one picture that would be great - but I can work-around this by using multiple records for the same image.

Additionally, is there a way you can make it easy to enter the dates cameras were active/not-active? Necessarily, cameras will record data until they fill their card - at which time they’re effectively un-set. Currently I’d need to retire each camera when it’s card fills up, then add a new camera at the same location when it’s card was replaced. To record species abundance we need to keep track of how long a camera was operational for, so it would be nice to have a table where I can enter dates the camera was on & off - or something to this effect - rather than just assume it’s permanently set. Maybe this could be for all traps too - if you adapted the ‘retire trap’ data type to be a list of dates that record when a trap is set and un-set or active/retired that means all abundance calculations could be more accurate.


Kia ora Jake,

Thanks for all this! I just mentioned in another topic for you to share any ideas you had on how the Camera Monitoring records could be improved, as this functionality hasn’t been “officially” released yet. I’ll share your thoughts with the dev team as we develop this functionality further.

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Hi Jake

I create records as shown below. Certainly room for improvement, but it has some of the datatypes you require. I only use it for mustelid sightings which are rare now, so not a lot of data to enter.

I look forward to more trail camera options onthe website too.


Thanks Cam,

Unfortunately this will not work for us as we have over 300,000 records, with more being processed daily. We’ll need to use the bulk-upload features when they’re available.


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for this - we’ll be eagerly awaiting the official release - please let us know as soon as this is available.

The specific feature that will enable us to record our camera data will be bulk-uploading monitoring records as we have over 300,000 records already and growing. We won’t be uploading images, just the species sighted, number and time the camera was operational.



Hi Jake

You def got a predator problem there! Where is this?

Good luck!

Oh - the records are not all predators - we monitor 26+ different species on the property. :slight_smile:

It is September 2022.
How does it change?
Should we ask same request a year later?