Camera turning photo around

This is an issue I’ve had for a while but kept forgetting to ask about! On my phone app it happens nearly every time I take a photo, with there being a rare exception when it doesn’t. One of my team members has this occasionally.

It has the image lined up, then when the image is captured, it rotates and zooms in, as if it is cropped to the same shape as initially but in the opposite layout (portrait or landscape).

It can make it really tricky to actually take a photo showing what we want it to show!

Let me know if this makes sense or not, I can try and take some screenshots to show it more specifically if required.

Hi Tui,

This is fixed in the beta release v6.0.9. Soon to be released. You can also join the testing program is you like.


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Awesome, good to know, thanks Andy. I did join the beta testing program last week but it didn’t seem to have updated, just checked now and it has so I’ll have a look around!

Ka pai, there is an unfortunate ‘processing delay’ on sign up to the android beta testing. It causes much confusion…