Can App Tell Me GPS Coordinates of a Trap Location?

Hi. I’m setting possum Traps at approx 100m spacings on a thick bush block. So far I’ve deployed Traps 100m apart along existing walkways, ridges, gullies etc and added those Trap’s locations to my Project Map by entering the Trap’s GPS coordinates using the Manual Coordinates box. It works fine.
Now that I can see those Traps’ locations on the Map, I can work out where further Traps should be placed to best achieve the required 100m grid. I had intended to do this by adding the proposed Trap locations to the Map using the “Draw a Point” function. But can the App then tell me the coordinates of those proposed Traps’ locations I’ve added to the Map so I can then navigate to those spots to deploy the Traps?

I’ve found the answer to my question. Once I’ve added the proposed Trap to the Project Map, I then Left Click that Trap on the Map which brings up the Trap Name in a white box; clicking on that Trap Name then brings up the Trap Details which include that Trap’s coordinates. Simple.

I assume you might be in areas that are not friendly for your phone’s GPS function and prefer to use a more accurate dedicated GPS unit to navigate? Otherwise I would suggest loading up the new locations on the website, syncing the new locations with the traps app on your phone and then turning on your phone’s GPS location function when in the field. If your phone is grunty and physical location is not too dense vegetation you can navigate in real time by using the “current location” button on the phone app. It can take a while to acquire the satelites and you will be restricted to topo map tiles, but I have found it reasonably reliable