Can Report titles move when scrolling down page

Kia ora e hoa mā
I know this has been requested before so just wondering if it might be a possibility at some stage? It is very hard to read reports when the species titles at the top don’t move down the page when you scroll down. I constantly have to go back to the top and try to remember which species is what row - not easy when I’m looking at 800+ traps! Thanks :slight_smile:

Column headers and report titles (as shown in the selection list) would be very helpful. Though then my small screen may show too few lines!
Then include totals in the top line …

There is a simple way round this problem if you can download the report as a .CSV or excel file, in which case just click into the “VIEW” tab at the top of the page, then find the “Freeze Panes” tab in the ‘Windows’ block and click on :“freeze top line”. The download only takes a few seconds as does the rest when you get used to it. Hope this helps.

thanks @actuary. yes, can do, but its another series of steps needed when viewing all stations in a line, or all records within an specified time period to do data checking. And I don’t like thinking about what happens when I lose access to Excel.