Can we have less map zoom resets on the desktop version?

I often zoom around to find a location on the map and realise it needs something added. I click add trap (for example) and the map automatically zooms right out to the full project boundaries and I have to zoom and scroll around a sea of traps to find out where I was again. Want to add a 2nd trap to the same area? Rinse and repeat. There are many times when the zoom resets which is counter productive. Hopefully there is something that can be done to minimise this. Thanks.

I know the pain, when you are zoomed in on a couple of traps and want to add catches to them and have to zoom in again. Have you seen the alternate map view that is being trialed? You can hold shift and drag to define a ‘zoom here’ rectangle.


Thanks. My mouse wheel works to zoom in on the new map too. That makes it a lot quicker than hitting +/-

Can we use the new map to add traps and / or bait stations to see if it works etc.?

If I click on the Traps menu, I get taken to the old map view I think.