Can you move a trap using the App

How do you move a trap to a different location using the App.

I might be wrong but I don’t think you can, so what I do is I set up a new dummy location using the app and GPS location with the same trap code but in lower case - and then when home i edit the original trap location to be as close to the new one. Then I delete the new dummy location. Andrew

Andrew, thanks for this information.

Andrew is correct, you can’t move a trap using the app currently. Andy’s method is a good one, though if you already have records for the trap at the old location and you don’t want those records to be associated with the new location it may be best to retire the old trap instead.

You can retire a trap by editing it on the website and selecting the Retired checkbox before saving. Retired traps won’t show on maps by default but several maps have a Status filter where you can show them.

Good advice, thank you