Can't edit a trap record on the website back to "None" for "Species Caught"

If you make a record for a trap on the website and accidentally set a species when you should have left it as “None”, you are not able to reset it as “None” when editing that record.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Make a new trap record using the “add a new trap record” green button on the website.
  2. Select a species caught and save.
  3. Select that record and edit it. Change the selected species to “None” in the dropdown list
  4. The record is saved with a species of “Unspecified”

This is a pain if you make a mistake when you are recording springing a trap for maintenance or recording an empty trap, because it makes the data inaccurate.

From memory is it because there is still a “strike” recorded? If you get rid of that and use the “sprung” for trap condition if the trap was set off but empty, you might be good to go?

I had one of those errors the other day too, shows up in the Catch by Trappers report. Yes, you’ll probably need to edit the Strike count back to zero somehow on that entry. Of course, it would be smarter if in the same way that when you enter you’ve caught something, there is an automatic edit to say the trap’s been sprung once, so conversely if you take away the catch and change it to None, the program should return the strike count to zero at the same time.